Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ebey's Landing State Park

Whidbey Island, in the middle of the Puget Sound, is the location of many nice hiking areas. Running a little under 4 miles, round trip, lies Ebey's Landing State Park. This is a scenic and calm hike up a bit of a grade at first, then smooth sailing across the entire length of the ridge, overlooking the ocean and beaches below. The return trip includes a mildly terrifying descent down several steep and sandy switchbacks, for the hike along the beach to the Trail Head.

It was a lovely hike. The weather was a bit overcast, but that kept the temperatures down in the 60's. Perfect! We were joined by our friend Vic, his Brother Joe, Joe's girlfriend Amy, Amy's sister Carla and Amy's son Owen. The young whippersnappers left Rick, Vic and I in their sandy dust. We ain't getting any younger. Haha At least we made the trip, albeit a few minutes behind the younguns. Afterward, Rick, Vic and I went out for BBQ.

Ebey's is located about 36 miles north of Clinton, where the ferry drops us.

My first Ferry ride with cars. I had ridden the Ferry at Ellis Island, to see the Statue of Liberty. But, cars on a boat was a new thing. A bit unnerving, actually. lol

This place is huge inside. There are booths everywhere, a cafe/snack shop, rest rooms, viewing decks all over, stairs to 4 different levels too.

Vic, Stef and Rick. Fresh and ready to go.

That wouldn't last very long, as soon as we started climbing.

So much space!

A view off the front.

The mainland behind us is getting smaller and smaller.

We start the 36 mile drive to the Trail Head. The directions stated it was 24 miles. lol Hmmm

We made it.

The start of the trail.

And we're off.

I stopped to snap one.


Steps up to the ridge. When we got to the top, there was a young lady and gentleman sitting on a bench, dressed in evening attire, he in a tux and she in a long gown. A photographer was snapping away. As we passed, I asked "Engagement photos?" The reply came back "Yes! We all said Congrats and headed out.

A pretty level area. There were a bit steeper grades, followed by a level "Recooperating" distance. Muhahaha

Feeling pretty groovy, all up in Nature and stuff!

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Fuckin up the scenery, breakin my mind. Do this. Don't do that. Can't you read the sign?

Getting higher.

His horns are showing.

Rick and Vic.

Looking back, where we came from.

More grade.

Almost to the highest point.

We made it.

Starting our descent to the beach.

We are about to catch up.

Twisted trees.

The Relaxing Tree.

Spring blooms.

Getting closer.

We say we stop for pictures, but we stop because we can't breathe! lol

We can see the others ahead of us.

We thought if we fell, we could just tuck and roll. It didn't look near as far as it was.

A view from above.

An unstable bench. I didn't stay long. It was right on the edge.

Still making our way down.

A rest stop under a sprawling tree.

The sprawling tree.

A view of the scenery.

Along the way, we happened upon a beautiful home, overlooking the ocean.

Cool, clear water. Water!

It doesn't tell you that the next .3 miles are terror filled. Lol

This is the first turn, down the ridge. It was very sandy, hard to get a foothold and the switchbacks had very steep turns. We are had a moment of fear, or two, before we made it to the bottom.

Looking back at the others, inching their way down.

A few more steps and I was on level beach.

Owen misjudged the wave and it almost got him.

Rick, resting.

Joe's best Duck Lip pose.

Vic, being Vic.

Joe, looking for something to spear on his stick.

A giant Rick, pierced by Joe's Hot Dog stick!

Pinky made it out of the pack.

My dawg can breathe!
Joe, Amy, Owen and Carla.

Stef and Rick.

Whose ass is bigger?

After our rest/play break, we start off. The beach is pretty rocky at the point.

What did they find?

Poor crab. Seagulls pick them clean and leave their shells scattered on the sand.

The culprits.

Joe and Vic.

More gulls.

Seaweed is HUGE here!

More seagulls?\

A fort someone made, using the driftwood. There is plenty of it around.

We had a great time. It was rated as easy. Easy if you're in shape. We made it ok, just didn't run the entire way. We did great for our first hike of the season. Until next time.

Posted by Stef on June 10, 2017.