I Hike, Therefore I Am

(Photo by Stef 5/13)
Since regaining my health and starting to get out, I have discovered a love of the outdoors, all over again. I had almost forgotten how wonderful is was to breathe fresh air, feel the sun on your skin and see all the beauty that makes up our amazing planet! I started hiking in September, after joining a Meet-Up group near me. The main focus of the group was "Over 40" (I'm 56) and Hiking! Count me in! The group has since broken up, but we remain friends with some and have gained new hiking friends too! These are the hikes we have done so far, I can't wait for more. Some of them have really pushed my limits, but I have competed every one. 

Update: Now, June 1, 2013, I am stronger and fitter than ever and I have much more stamina and endurance. I have little trouble, except on the most strenuous hikes.

Annette Lake ...09/29/12

Barclay Lake   ...06/01/13 

Big Four Snowshoe Hike  ...02/06/13

Big Four Part Deux  ...09/07/13 

Boulder River Hike    ...04/22/13

Bridal Veil Falls    ...12/07/13  

Cherry Creek Falls  ...11/17/12

Clark Lake ...07/05/13

Ebey's Landing State Park ...06/03/17

Franklin Ghost Town  ...11/24/12

Green River Trail   ...05/03/13

Iron Goat Trail   ...05/11/13 My Birthday Hike! <3

Lake 22   07/20/13 

Lake Dorothy  08/17/13 

Lake Fenwick  ...07/08/13

Lime Kiln Trail ...06/22/13 Vic's Birthday Hike! =D
Mount Erie  ...01/06/13

Old Fishing Hole  ...03/30/13

Old Sauk Trail  ...10/14/12

Padilla Bay Dike Hike  ...01/12/13

Rattlesnake Ledge   ...12/26/12

Stevens Pass Snowshoeing   ...12/29/12

Wallace Falls  ...11/10/12

Westport, Washington ...08/05/13  

More to come, as we go!

Last updated on December 14, 2013 ~

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