Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bridal Veil Falls

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, Jay, Rick and I headed toward Gold Bar, Washington, to hike to Bridal Veil Falls. It was a cold day, the high expected to be around 25 in the city. But, we were headed to the mountains, the high never passed 17! As we neared the trail head, snow covered more and more of the landscape. At the trail head, we were greeted by snow cover and very freezing temperatures. But, no matter, we were on a mission to see the falls. My only question was "Would they be actually falling or frozen in time?" We set out on the 2.5-3 mile trek to find out.

Following are a few photos taken during our hike.

Jay at the trail head.

Rick at the trail head.

Stef at the trail head. At one point you can go left on to Lake Serene or right up to the falls.

It was definitely cold!

Snow and ice everywhere.

Part of the step path.

Random winter photo along the trail.

Random winter photo along the trail. Are you shivering yet?

Random winter photo along the trail.

Random winter photo along the trail.

It was quite a hike in the frigid temperatures.

Getting closer.

Our view across the valley. The sun never shone on us all day. But, we saw it shining brightly across the distance.

We had several water crossings to make. Some were quite slick and treacherous. Others were easy.

Random winter photo along the trail.

Part of the man made walkway.

Our first glimpse of the falls...yes mostly frozen! And magnificent!!

It was massive and mostly frozen. But the falls were still flowing, adding more and more ice formations as time went by.

The rushing water formed ice tubes that the water continued to flow through. It was very cool to watch.

Jay, near the falls.

Stef walked right up the the base of the falls. I stayed far enough away to stay dry. Some of the icicles were larger than I am!

Stef at the base.

Can you say brrrrrrr? I knew that you could!

Ice formed on everything in range of the spray from the falls. Some were giant and very heavy.

This ice hanging on branches near the spray was over 3 inches in diameter!

Ice, ice everywhere!

Falling water over the ice.

The rushing water and wind have made some odd formations.

Rick at the base of the falls.

I wore my Zombie Hunter shirt. But, it was too flippin cold for zombies!


Jay near the falls.

The freezing temperatures and precarious trail was a bit hard to take, until we reached the falls. It was worth the trip. Simply beautiful! The pictures just can't begin to show how grand it was. Of course, we headed to La Hacienda for a Mexican feast afterward. It was definitely welcome warmth in our cold, tired bodies! =D

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