Me Sew Crafty

Everyone knows my love for homemade clothing. In addition to sewing, I love homemade items too. I Knit, Quill, Paint and do many other crafty things, in almost any medium. I love having original decor in my home and it's therapeutic too! These links will lead to items I make myself. Most I just think up, some I see somewhere else and want my own version of. The best way to get something handmade is to make it myself!

A Dreamcatcher for G-Ma
Bar Stool Help
Carpet Dents, Who Needs Them?
Christmas Napkins & Rings
Christmas Place Mats
Festive Fingernails
Hello Kitty Clock
Let Me Out!   NEW 07/28/13
Let There Be Light
My New Backpack
My Tiny Balls
Neat and Tidy
Quilling Me Softly
Spinning Wind Catcher
Various Plastic Canvas
Windsock For Mom

Last updated 07/28/13 

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