Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Tiny Balls

I saw some crafts on Pinterest, one making Easter eggs from Embroidery Thread and Fabric Starch, another making huge pendant lights. I thought it was such a cute idea, except I didn't want eggs or a light, I wanted little balls to use as everyday decor in my family room. I used basically the same process, different thread (mine is Crochet Thread) and colors just to match my decor.

The first thing I did was blow up some small balloons. I made them close to the same size but, not exact. I want a little difference in them. Now, to gather the rest of my supplies.

My Family Room is Burgundy and Grey. I just need to find colors I like, to match. I think I have enough of a selection. haha

The one color I did not have was grey. I chose a Burgundy, a matching Dusty Rose and White. I also covered my counter with plastic to make clean up easier!

In a plastic container, I mixed 1 cup of Sta-Flo Liquid Fabric Starch with .5 cup of Flour. These are the amounts I had seen mentioned online. I just used a wire whisk to mix it. Then, I cut approximately 15 foot lengths of my thread. I coiled it up in the starch mixture and pressed it down to cover it completely.

Holding a balloon in one hand, I used two fingers on the other to wrap the thread around the balloon, letting my fingers squeeze the excess mixture off as I went and letting it drip back into the bowl.

I had no set pattern to wrap. I just wrapped it randomly, covering up most large gaps.

As I got them finished, I set them aside on waxed paper, to dry. This could take some time. The top dried in about 3 hours and then I had to turn them over to dry the other side. Next time, I'll just string them on a piece of yarn, sewn through the balloon ties and hang them. It'll be much faster.

I think they're cute already! But, not as cute as they're going to be!

Once completely dry, I took a straight pin and popped the balloons. I then removed the popped balloon from one of the openings. Using the straight pin, I scraped off any dried starch that was visible. There wasn't very much, as I squeezed most of it off as I was wrapping.

The only thing left to do is decide where to display them. I think I have the perfect spot. It has been empty and in need of something, for years!

Oh my! I absolutely LOVE it! Why didn't I do something like this years ago? I'll be making more tomorrow, to fill it the rest of the way up!

On 8/21/12, I bought a new Southern Living bowl for my coffee table and needed something to fill it with. I made 2 dozen more balls for it. I seriously love these things!

On to the next craft project. Something for Rick's mom!

Originally posted on June 28, 2012, by Stef.

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