Sew, You Think You Can Stitch

I started sewing when I was 13. I wanted 'unique' clothing that nobody else had. I figured the best way to do that was to create my own. I found a pattern that I liked, bought some fabric and notions (with a little help from mom and dad) and started sewing, using my mom's old sewing machine. I was hooked from that moment on. I have sewn many of my own clothes over these many years, binkinis, dresses, pants etc. When I was pregnant with my son, Sammye, I created my entire maternity wardrobe. After he was born, I cut them all up into quilt scraps and made him a baby quilt. I then got the quilting bug and created king size quilts for several of my family members. I'll, most likely, sew until I die. I still love it!

Last year (2012), around May, when I was still a rather large size, (20/22), I decided that I wanted to start sewing again. I hadn't really sewn anything in 6 or 7 years and I missed it. Besides, it is relaxing and a great confidence builder, creating beautiful original clothing, that you love. I decided to use it as one of my key points of motivation too. You see, although I was over a size 18 still (I had actually started at size 22 in February), I would create my new wardrobe in my target size, which was a size 6. Most people thought I was crazy. "What if you never get small enough to wear them?" "You could be wasting a ton of time if they never fit." etc etc etc. What did I reply to those who questioned me? "Oh ye of little faith, hide and watch me!" That was 94 pounds ago, I now wear a 6-8! Most of them now fit me. A couple are still a bit tight, but not for long!

If you don't believe in yourself, who will believe in you? The following pages contain the clothing I have been creating since that day. I still sew every day, I just finished Black Lace last night and cut out a new one in pink that I'll call Pink Boho, and post it when it's finished. Non-clickable links, just means they aren't finished yet! The dates are the day I made the item. =D Enjoy!
Items in BLUE are started, cut out or in the works. Ok, they may also just be a thought at this point.

A Headband to Match Any Outfit
A Vest to Match 
Another New Hat, I'm Obsesse
Anuenue - Rainbow Floral  Coming 
Baby, You're a Firework!   
Beret, You Say?
Black and White
Black and White and Cute All Over  
Black Batik  
Black Lace  
Blue Lace 
Blue Polka Dots   
Blue Tunic  
Born to the Purple 
Breezy Blue  
Crazy Clothes for Ashlyn 
Curses! It's Purses    
Eye Spy, White Eyelet 
Floral Extravaganza!    
Gee Your Love is Red  
Girlie Trapper Hat  
Girlz in Da Hoodie  
In the Land of Grey and Pink  
It's Not Easy Being Green 
Jamie's Pride   
Kekepania's Lele Pa'a Lole    
Later Gaiters  
Lime in Da Coconut   
Love Over Gold  
Mellow Yellow   
Midnight at the Oasis   Coming
Mom's Bag  
Monkey Shines 
My Blue Jumper    
My New Cap   
Need a Hat, Make a Hat    
Pink Boho  
Pinkerton, my Pink Purse  
Plaid TOP(Teal, Orange, Pink!) 
Polka Dot Afro Circus!    
Purple Baby Doll 
Purple Tie-Dye  
Romantic Grey  
Sheer Cold Shoulders   
She's Got Legs  
Shirt for Rick   
Sparkling Pink Dress  
Spring Flowers in Blue   
Stef's Dawg Line  
Sunshine on my Shoulders       
Thank Heaven for Little Girls   
The Power of Pink Compels Me  
Tie-Dyed Ruffles 
Witty in Pink  
Yellow Sunshine Dress   

Here, you can see My Sewing Corner!

April 10, 2013- I am beginning to fit into more and more of my earlier fashion creations. Here are some pictures of me, wearing some that are just now fitting me, along with some newer ones. Stef in her own clothes!  

More to come, I'm sewing as fast as I can!

Last Updated on June 10, 2017.

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