Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Vest to Match

My Black and White Pants won't be complete until I make my vest to match. It is how I envisioned it when I started. So, it must be done!

I'll use the same fabric as I used for the pants, for the front only. I had chosen black satin to line it and make the back. As I was shopping with Sammye, he liked the white satin more. I had to agree, so I bought it and will use it. I choose a pattern I like. I'll make View E, it is the top, left picture.

First, I cut out all the pieces, from both fabrics. It will be completely lined. I might go a step further and make it reversible with the contrasting colors switched. We'll see. I mark my fabric to make assembly much easier.

I make the vest and the lining at the same time. It's just easier for me to do it together. I pin the back seams together. Then I stitch them.

I clean up the seams on both.

I pin the front pieces to the back.

I do this for the lining too. I stitch each piece together, at the shoulders.

I pin the vest and the lining together, with right sides facing in.

I sew it almost completely around. I leave a 6 inch gap on one side. I clean up all my seam edges.

I turn the entire thing right side out.

Then, I take it to my ironing board. I'll straighten and press all the edges. I want them all to be really even and neat.

Once that is finished, I join the back to the front, at the sides. I attach my Designer Label to the seam on the right side.I tidy up the seams, I want them to look nice inside, as well as outside.I decided to not make it reversible. Once I looked at it more closely, I did not like the white satin in the front. But, I really love it in the back. It also lines the front, insides.

I will create three button holes on the right side. When you're making clothes, it's interesting to note that on a woman's garment, it will button, right over left. On a man's, it is opposite, left over right. Ok, that is all for the seamstress trivia! I have to actually wait to make my button holes. I thought I had buttons that I wanted to use. But, I just don't love the ones I have. I'll make a quick trip to JoAnns and pick some up, I'll do that in the morning. Out of all the buttons I have, I'd think I would have three I want to use on it. Guess not!

It's a finished vest (Except the buttons/button holes) and I love my new vest. Here is is shown with it's matching pants.

Here is the front and back view of the vest.

On Sunday, 12/09/12, I went shopping and found some buttons I liked. I had to change the button hole markings a tiny bit, as the buttons I got were larger than I had considered before.

Sewn on and a complete outfit now. Ill make a simple white blouse to go with it.

To see how I made the pants, you can click HERE.

Enough for me until closer to Christmas. I need to make a couple shirts for my son Sammye and one for Rick. I already have the patterns, fabric and notions. It's time to concentrate on them! <3

Originally posted on December 6, 2012, by Stef.

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