Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eye Spy, White Eyelet

I need a white blouse to wear with my black and white outfit. I looked around for one I liked, at a couple shops. I didn't see anything I wanted. Why bother, I'll just make it. I love doing that and I can make what I want. I have just the pattern and fabric I'll use too.

I have some white eyelet fabric that I have been saving for just the right garment, for quite some time. I'll do nicely for my blouse. I choose View A on my pattern.

First things first. I cut all the pieces out.

Making the front ruffles.

I pin the ruffles, one at a time, and sew them to the front center panel.

I must be easily impressed because this already looks cute to me! Haha

I baste the ruffle sides to the front panel.

I add the sides panels to the center. I use "French" seams to do this part. It will keep it looking much more polished, as the fabric is a bit sheer.

I attach the back to the finished front. I clean up all seams.

I go ahead and hem it after the sides are completed.

All it lacks now is finishing the neckline and sleeves. Looking at it on my dress form. I decide to add a bit more to it.

I cut out 2 pieces, shaped like long footballs, about 16 inches long. I press them in half and take them to see how they'll look.

I check to see how I like the look. I like it, so I will add the cap sleeves to my blouse. I have some eyelet lace that matches my fabric nicely too. I think I'll add it to the neckline, as it will be pretty plain. The lace and sleeves are just stuck up there for now. I'll figure out how I want them and sew it later.

I decide to add the eyelet lace to the edges of my sleeves also. I'll add them after I finish the neckline.

I pin and sew a piece of facing I cut from the fabric, around the neckline, on the inside.

Then, I turn it to the outside and press a crease under on the raw edge, about 1/2 inch in. I fold this over the seam and press it in place. I added my designer label too.

I tuck my eyelet lace under the casing that I just created and pin it in place.

I sew it all the way around, very close to the edge.

Next, I pin my sleeves in place. I sew them and the use white bias tape to clean up the edges, just like I did on the neckline. But, it is hidden inside the sleeves.

My finished blouse. I totally love it. I think it'll look grand with my black and white outfit. I can't wait to wear them!

Hmmmm What next? I'm thinking a quilt! I have so much scrap fabric from the last few months of sewing. I might start making quilts for next year's Christmas gifts.

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