Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blue Lace

I have been looking for a pattern to make myself some blouses with contrasting yokes. I see them in my head with matching colors and solids and lace etc. I finally found the pattern I want to make them. I thought I was going to just have to create one. What a hassle that is! I am so happy, I can start them now!

The first will be a floral print with a lace yoke/ The print I have is white, black, lavender and various shades of blue. I chose a light blue lace to go with it.

I begin the process by cutting all my pieces out.

I attach the lace yoke to each front piece.

I'll clean up the seams and hide them, as they will show through the lace, if I don't.

My blouse will have buttons, so I add a front flap on each side.

I do both sides and set them aside. Now to get the back ready.

I sew the back sides together at the center seam. I also add the lace yoke to this piece.

I sew the front and back together at the side seams. I also add a neck facing.

I mark and add button holes.

I found some cute little buttons to add.

I hem the sleeves and bottom. It's ready to wear. Now to try it on.

I like it.

I have some sheer pink fabric and matching lace. I'm going to make another, but tweak it a bit more.

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