Thursday, March 21, 2013

My New Cap

I made myself a Hiking hat a week or so ago. I love my homemade "Boonie Hat" so much. I wore it on a hiking trip last week, to Annette Lake. I was sweating my head off! Seriously, it was just too warm to wear, until the weather cools off a bit more. So, it spent more time hanging from my backpack, than riding on my noggin! But, i still want to wear my own, unique creation. Nothing else I can do but make a new hat. This time, I'll make it more like a baseball cap, but with my own little flair!

I have a Handy Dandy program that I use to design some things, hats, bags, belts etc. I can design them specifically in my size. Then I can just embellish and decorate as I feel, to make them my own style. So I created a pattern and pinned it to my fabric. This fabric is left over from making my backpack, previously!

I cut out enough for a lining too. I also cut out a heavy interfacing to sew into the brim.

I start by sewing all my cap panels together. I make a cap and a lining.

One part finished.

I sew my brim parts together, enclosing the interfacing inside.

I stitch it all around to keep it all in place while I'm working with it.

I decide I want to add a tie to the back. This way, I can tie it under or over my braid or ponytail. It will help keep my cap secure on my head, while not having an uncomfortable lump under it.

I pin all my pieces together and get ready to sew it. I leave a small, 3 inch opening so I can turn it all right side out, after I finish. I'll also sew a decorative button in the center.

Viola! It's a cap! I love it! But, there is a little detail that I forgot to mention...

It's REVERSIBLE!!! Muhahaha

One way...

The other!

I will be wearing this cap on Saturday, as we hike the Old Sauk Trail, near Darrington, Washington. It'll be great! Think I'll make more! One to go with every outfit I sew. LOL

-Originally Posted on October 9, 2012, by Stef-

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