Thursday, March 21, 2013

My New Backpack

I have been so busy lately, making things for everyone else. I decided it is time to make something for ME! I have the perfect thing too. I love walking and listening to my iPod and it's fine hanging from my neck while I walk on my "Gazelle" or my Elliptical. It plugs directly into my Recumbent Bike and I can listen through the built in speakers. But, walking out, I have a tendency to pull it loose and jerk the headphones out, which really pisses me off! haha I saw this backpack pattern, the other day while I was buying .99 cent patterns, and it's perfect!

The first thing I'll do is cut out all the pieces. I chose a sparkly purple for the main color and a matching sparkly striped pattern for the contrasting pieces.

A Backpack needs a heavy lining to keep it from collapsing. I sew a heavy facing into the pieces that require it.

I attach the zipper to the pocket and it's lining..

Then, to pin the pocket in place on one side section. I'll sew this in place. There is another pocket on the other side, but without a zipper.

A working pocket!

Next, I sew a zipper into the gusset section that will be facing forward.

On the rear facing gusset, I start a pocket that will carry my iPod! Maybe a pack of gum too!

I pin the darts out of the way. When I attach the sides to the gusset, it will complete this pocket.

I need a strap to carry it with. So, the first thing to make is the ring to hold it in place.

I sew this at the bottom, below my zipper.

I create the main strap, add a "Slider" bar to adjust it with, thread it through the ring I just created and sew the gusset sections together.

Time to add the sides. First one.

Then pin the other side and sew it.

I removed all the pins and finished the edges.

Turning it right side out was the hardest part! Haha

I decide I want a flower on my iPod pocket, so I make one with my striped fabric.

I add a matching button in the middle and sew it in place.

From the back.

I add a few beads on the zipper as decoration and because you can never have too much pink!

Now, I just need to go outside and walk for a while. My tunes will play and they'll be no more jerking my headphones out. I can carry whatever else I want with me too. I like it! Next a blouse, while I look for nylon to make Grandma some flowers with.

-Originally Posted on July 30, 2012, by Stef-

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