Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Beret, You Say?

Something to sit atop Ashlyn's head when she wears her new outfit! I wish I was 12 again! Seriously! I want to wear things like this. Oh Hell, I will anyway! Muhahaha

First, I make a pattern and cut out 6 pieces. I decide to cut three from each fabric. Call me crazy! haha

With right sides together, I pin and sew three pieces together. Then, the other three.

It's just really much easier to sew three into a half, then both halves together, than adding one piece at a time. The seams also match up much nicer this way.

I pin them and sew the halves together.

Now to make the band. I cut a strip the correct length and iron it in half, lengthwise, right side out.

I pin it to my beanie and add gathers on one side. I just fold and pin these in place. I sew it all the way around and iron the seams flat.

I added a blue Heart button on the center. You can add any button you like. There are button covering kits too, so you can cover your button in the same fabric. I like the difference though. =D

To see the outfit it goes with, click HERE!

-July 25, 2012

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