Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blue Polka Dots

I have been looking for a pattern I like that features "Cold Shoulders" details on the sleeves. I finally found one I can live with. I just love the look of blouses like these. It is past time that I own one...or more than one...myself! Muhahaha

I chose View A, featured as the Green top, on the pattern. My fabric is some shimmering, soft, Silk Crepe De Chine. I love it, so beautiful. I love JoAnn fabrics, but I purchased this in Renton, on the way to the gym. I saw a store that simply stated "Fabric" on the sign! I had to go look. It's a quaint little store, filled with fabric, trim, notions and Indian/Pakistani clothing and jewelry. They even sell rugs! There's upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, spandex, stretch velvet, chiffon in every color, suiting, glitter dot, silks, some amazing sparkly sequin fabrics and many more. You'll also find beaded appliques, coin-studded hipscarfs for bellydancing, weird bins of buttons and other oddities. It has to be my new favorite store! I picked up 3 different fabrics, the last time I was there. This Blue Polka Dot, Silk Crepe De Chine will do very nicely! And I happen to have a pair of shorts that is waiting for a top like this. They'll be perfect together!

The first thing to do is sew the front sections to the back, at the shoulder seams. I leave an open area.

I pin and top stitch my sleeve openings, to make them neat.

Next, I create the neck facing by pinning and sewing the facing piece on the right side of the neckline.

Then, I turn it to the inside and pin it in place. I'll sew this, making the neckline finished.

With that finished, it's time to sew the front and back together, up the sides and the lower seams of the sleeves. Then, I finish my sleeves with a narrow hem. I also hem the bottom, using a facing. Next time, I'll just add a narrow hem there too.

I get the front bands ready for buttons and button holes.

I choose buttons from my growing stash.

I measure, mark and create my button holes. Then, I sew my buttons on the opposite panel.

Looks like a Cold Shoulder blouse to me! I almost didn't finish it, as I was not liking the way it was coming together. But, I pushed onward and completed it. I still wasn't sure if I liked it or not...UNTIL I tried it on! I love it! I will get plenty of use from this top, come Spring and Summer! I already plan on a couple more, in different colors. The fabric store had this exact fabric in HOT PINK! Guess I have to go back!

Before I make another of these, I have one blouse cut out and ready to sew. It'll be Black Chiffon with a Black Lace yoke, exactly like the Pink one I made last week! Until next time!

Originally posted on March 14, 2013 (PI Day)!

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