Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jamie's Pride Hat

My trainer at the gym is Jamie. He is totally awesome and quite a character. He helps me so much and I really adore him. He has become my gay boyfriend! He sees all the things I sew and asked could I make him a hat for "Pride", which comes around the end of June. Of course, I said "Certainly!" in my best 3 Stooges voice! I just hope he likes it.

I measured his head after we worked out last night. He knelt before me and I wrapped a string around his bald head. I'm sure we looked crazy to everyone that was working out there. Rick actually walked up and was confused, until he realized what we were doing! haha Jamie's favorite colors are Black, Red and Blue. Pride colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

I'm thinking that I'll design a hat for him that is reversible. I'll make one side the colors of Pride and the other side mostly Red, his favorite, with Black or Blue accents. This should be fun. I think I'll buy his fabric for my Birthday, which is this Saturday! Haha Rick thinks it's pretty funny that I want fabric to sew a gift, for my Birthday! Now, I'll start thinking about what type of hat I want to make him. I was thinking a "Newsboy" type cap. But, I'm also thinking a simple reversible cap with a bill. I have to think about it more. I do know that I want to embellish it with Red Gems! I saw some at JoAnn the other day and wanted them. But, I did not buy them because I had nothing to do with them. I do now! Muhahaha

I start out by drafting a pattern. I actually made a few different ones before I settled on one. I looked online, at various hats, patterns and designs. I even got out a couple of Sammye's hats to study. I finally decided to make it with panels, instead of a pinwheel design.

I cut it out in paper a few times and taped it together. Then I would 'try on' my paper hat, to get an idea if it would fit right or not. Jamie's head is 23.5 inches, mine is 22. So, I had to try to make it a bit big for me.

I finally got it where I thought it would work. I cut it out one more time. This time I'll make a prototype.

I just grabbed the first scrap fabric I came to, that had enough to use. I also grabbed a lining fabric. I pinned it all on and cut it out. I really need to get some different paper for drafting patterns on. Printer paper is a PITA to work with. It's too stiff, so it bunches up when pinned, just making it no fun.

I sew the crown pieces together.

I make my brim and pin it in place. Then I stitch it on. For the purposes of this prototype hat, I did not add anything in the brim to give it stiffness. I will when I actually make Jamie's Pride hat.

I make my lining from some soft flannel scraps and pin it in. I sew it all around, leaving a small opening to turn it all out through.

I pull the hat and lining through my opening.

I straighten it all out and tack it in place. I also close the opening.

It looks pretty much how I want it to look, besides being in the wrong colors, fabrics etc! haha Now, to create his, using the materials I have picked out for him. So, the reversible cap is out, I think I prefer this design.

While training this evening, I asked him which colors, for certain, he wants. He decided on Black as his main color and Red as his trim color. He says he wants it "Flashy", but not too flashy. He likes bling, so I have a vision in my head as to what I want it to be. He says "You're the designer, mama! Whatever you choose will be awesome!" He also tried on the prototype and he looked awesome in it! Everyone thought so. When I finished working out, I went shopping. I chose a very rich looking Black Dew Drop Suede. It was quite expensive. Luckily I had a 50% off coupon and only needed half a yard! Jamie is worth it anyway. =D It is textured and has a nice shine. It'll look great as a hat. I want to line it with Pride colors, but I have looked everywhere and cannot find suitable fabric to use. So, I bought a roll of fabric strips, in various colors. I'll sew them together, in the proper order and create my own Pride fabric to use. I also have sew-on Gems, that I'll add. I will add the Pride color gems along the back of the hat. I have extra Red gems that I may add here and there, just for Red Bling Effect! Muhahaha

To create my Pride lining, I have to sew the colors together. It would be much easier if I could find the perfect rainbow. But, I couldn't. =(

One by one, I sew the right color strips together.

Finally, I can cut my pieces out and make the lining.

I also attach my custom label inside.

Now, to finish the hat. I use heavyweight interfacing to stiffen the bill.

My shell is ready to sew together.

This part takes the most time. I want the piping to be perfectly placed at the edges.

The shell and lining, meeting for the first time.

I have sewn them together and turned it all right side out. Now, I pin it and will top stitch along the edge.

The view inside the cap, before I sew it.

Now, it's a finished cap. But, I know Jamie likes "Bling" and I want to add the Pride colors. I decide where I want the gems. I sew them in place with gold thread.

I add one lone Red gem on the front. I know he loves Red, but I do not want to add too much and make it gawdy. One gem looks nice to me!

The side view.

The back view.

As soon as I give it to him, I'll take some photos of him, modeling it. Then, I'll add those pictures here.

I headed to the gym tonight and gave it to him. I think he liked it!

~Originally posted on May 16, 2013, by Stef~


  1. Stef, this is awesome!! Great job!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I just hope he likes it. =D