Monday, June 17, 2013

My Blue Jumper!

Oh my! I saw this fabric and absolutely fell in love. It doesn't hurt that I was trying to find something more in the blue color scheme, to add some different color to my wardrobe. I might have enough pink by now! Nah! I'll make more pink, I just really want some pretty blues too! I'm thinking that I'll attempt to draft my own pattern for this garment. I basically want a jumpsuit, sleeveless, perhaps with a "Cold Shoulder" design. I want it full length, maybe belted. I am not sure how I want the neckline, I am kind of thinking a deep V, perhaps laced? We will see what I come up with. I bought a zipper to match, just in case I decide to zipper the back. I may lace both front and back, I'll decide later.

For now, all I can add is a photo of my fabric and trim. If I draw and print a pattern, I'll try to capture it, if I just drape on my dress form to create, I'll photograph that process.

So, the last few days I have been super busy working in my yard, planting and weeding. In addition to that, I have been hiking a lot, having 5 scheduled hikes in the next 7 days. But, I have managed to get a little spare time to work on my jumpsuit.

My fabric. I love this!

Starting to draw from an idea. I know I want a long jumpsuit/romper.

My first draft, just to get an idea of how it will be. It will change a lot between now and when I finish it.

For now, it's a sleeveless, full length jumpsuit. It will button up the front and I may or may not make a matching belt for it, haven't decided yet. I'm thinking I'll create laces up the back, how low I have not decided. Not too risque!

After draping and checking measurements several times, used my tailor's marker and pins to add some guides to my fabric. I cut it out carefully, a bit larger than I'll need. I wanted to leave some room for mistakes. This is the beginning of the front, it's just pinned together to get an idea what direction I want to go. I had originally thought to make a V in the front and back,. so that is how I cut it. I knew that it is easily changed by cutting more off. I can't add it back though. haha After looking at it, I think I want a more scoop neckline.

This is the back, pinned together. I'm not so sure I actually want laces, now that I cut it. I may just make a deep V in the back. We'll see. There is a lot of work to do before it's a wearable garment. I'll probably try it on 20 times, before then, just to get it right.

I decide against the back laces. Instead, I think I'll add one fabric strip with a button hole, and a button to keep the back closed. It'll still be open, but won't continually fall off my shoulders. What a hassle that would be.

I cut my strip out, sewed three sides and turned it right side out. I pressed it and will decide later, where it will attach and where the button hole will be. It's easy to add it.

I pinned it in place and I really like it so far. I just stuck a white button up to get an idea how it will look.

Hmmmm which buttons to use? I am going to add buttons to the front too, so I need to choose something I'll have enough of, or it'll be another trip to JoAnn! Like that would kill me!

Perfection! And, I have 8 of them! These buttons have a kind of 'pearl-essence' look to them. They really look lovely next to the fabric. It is hard to see it in a photo though.

I use my tailor's pen to draw a guideline where I want my neckline to be.

While I'm at it, I get out my handy dandy tape to get an approximate measurement for the button band.

Here, I have cut the excess fabric away to form my scoop neckline. I have also created a button band that I'll sew in place later. The band will contain the button holes.

I finally got more time to work on it today, no hikes! I started by sewing the inseams on each leg. Then I sewed both halves together down the middle, around the crotch. I left plenty of room to attach my button flap on the front.

Instead of piping or bias tape, I decided to add facing to the front and back necklines. I used my marker to draw these out.

I cut them out and pinned them. I sewed them in place.

After trimming and neatening up my edges, I turned them and ironed them flat.

The neck facing finished and the button flap, before sewing it in place.

I made and added my button flap to the front, right side. A tidbit of seamstress trivia, in case you didn't already know: When sewing buttons and button holes onto shirts or blouses, a man's shirt will button Left over Right. A woman's shirt or blouse will button Right over Left.

The back with it's facing in place. I have not sewn my strap down yet. I'll do that after it's more complete, so I know just how long I'll need it.

I sew the front and back together, adding a pocket on each side.

I have to decide how I want my sleeves. I settle on a tank top, only I want wide straps over my shoulders.I draw it where I want it.

And CUT! No turning back now! =D

I measure and mark for buttonholes on the front flap.

Buttonholes done.

I decide to make some small "Epaulets" to go over each shoulder seam. I'll add buttons to secure them. I add buttonholes to the epaulets and my back strap, while I'm at it.

Attaching the epaulet to the shoulder.

Now I need a bunch of buttons sewn on. I changed my mind and used the pretty white, flower buttons, after all.

A finished shoulder with the epaulet in place.

Time for a fitting. Still need a few minor tweaks, but overall, I like it. I need to adjust the opening below my ark, if I had any boobs, they could possibly fall out! haha I have also decided to cut it into shorts. The weather here has been so warm. I'll be able to get good summer use from my romper/jumpsuit. I'll create a new one for cooler weather. I like this belt with it. I am going to make a purse to go with it, as well.

The moment of truth. How much should I cut off? I made a jumpsuit a few weeks back and had it stop just above my knees. I might go a bit shorter for this one. Ok, I decided to go just above the knee. I am not trying to show leg. If I was, I have plenty of shorts to do that. lol You may notice a matching purse! I made it today, in a couple hours, from leftover fabric. Now, I'm all matchy matchy! Oooh La La!

I'm pretty happy with the look. Now on to simpler things, like something with a ready made pattern. This took too long. I can only hope it goes smoother and faster as I get better at creating my own. =D

Oh yeah, you might notice something different about me. My hair is no longer pulled back into a braid or pony tail. Last Wednesday, I had the last 12 inches of it cut off. I have not had short hair since I was a baby. I seriously hated it the minute I got it cut. It has steadily grown on me since then and now, 5 days later, I love it!

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