Thursday, April 18, 2013

Witty in Pink!

I want a cute summer tank. I want it a certain way, with a cool effect in the back. Maybe, open backed with a criss-cross feature, kind of like we used to see on really little girl's dresses. I wonder if anyone makes a pattern like that? Well, after a week of searching through patterns and even online for something that someone might have posted somewhere very obscure, I give up! I cannot find what I'm looking for.If it's out there, I'm not seeing it. =(

I decide to attempt to make a blouse with no pattern. Well, not exactly with no pattern, I'll try to make my own. How hard can it be, anyway? I don't have the proper paper to do this, so I just got out a stack of printer paper and taped them together, until I thought it was big enough to hold my pattern (Like I knew how big that would be!). I just guesstimated and started drawing what I thought would look like I envisioned it.

It took me a couple tries, I would draw it, cut it out and pin it to my dress form, to get an idea how it looked. When it looked right to me, I kept it!

I pinned the front to my dress form and left it there, so I could work on the back and compare it. The back was a ton more work than the front was. I knew how I wanted it to look, I just wasn't sure how to go about it. The front will be cut on the fold.

Once I had the back how I wanted it. I pinned two pieces of the back onto my dress form. The only reason that I made two of these was to get a better idea on matching up shoulder straps etc. I'll really only use one for cutting purposes.

The moment of truth, no turning back after this part. I'm afraid, somebody hold me! I've had this seersucker fabric for such a long time. I have many fabrics that I really like more. But, in case I screw it up, I don't want to use my favorites. This fabric reminds me of old pillows, the covering you see on them and some old mattresses, except it's pink! I love the look of a nice seersucker suit on a man...or a woman! I call this fabric PPC, Pink Pillow Case!

I cut both pieces out and head to my sewing machine.

First, I'm going to pin the actual fabric up and see how it looks and matches up. The front...

The back. Everything matches great. Now, to start construction.

I decide to add a small, narrow strip of elastic, gathered slightly under each side of the bust. This is just to give it a look of being a little bit more tailored, instead of just hanging loosely. I just pinned it on each end and stretched it as I sewed it.

I like the look of it.

I pin both my sides together and both shoulder straps.

I sew all 4 seams and clean up all my allowances.

At this point, I tried it on and was pretty pleased with it, for the most part. It was a bit too large at the arm holes, so I pin it. Back on the dress form to finish alterations before I reseam the sides.

The side view.

The back view. I'll sew both sides again and try it back on. After I finish, I'll adjust my pattern to reflect the changes. So, next time I make it, it'll be right without alterations! I'm learning! It's much easier to learn when I teach myself!

Once I got the sides fixed and tried it on, I looked over my trims etc. I think I'm going to face every edge with piping. I love the look of it. Plus, with all my curved edges, I do not want straight hems, messing up my lines. I think I'll use Pink piping, I have several colors, but the pink will really set it off more than white, I think.

It takes forever to sew the piping on. I like it to be as perfect as I can get it and as close to the edge as possible.The front piping finished.

A closer view of the back piping.

I like it! Now that the edges are finished, I could call it a finished creation. But, I want something more. I think I'll add three small buttons to the front, just as decoration. I have the perfect buttons too. They are made from the inside of a Pink Conch Shell. So pretty! None of them are exactly alike, but I'll find three that are pretty close.

The front with the added buttons and a view of them a bit closer.

I think I'll add a button to the back too, just to keep it from flying totally open in the wind. More decoration! I have to wait to do that. I need it on and I'll have Rick or Sammye pin it closed where I like it. That way, I can add the button where I want it after I take it off. Maybe I'll do it without their help, I am a bit impatient. Besides, it is almost 3AM and I need to sleep a couple hours. That'll be for later. I'll try it on for pictures when I get up too. I'm in my jammies now! I wonder how they'll look with my favorite PINK jeans!

Now, it's 7:30 AM and I am up, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Alright, maybe not quite. But I was anxious to get my pictures in my new top! Funny how just a year ago, I hid if the camera came out. There are no pictures of me for that entire 5 year period! =( Now, I see a camera come out, I jump my ass in front of it!

What do you think? Me? I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE my first designed top. It is exactly what I wanted. Or, close enough! Until next time! Now my creative juices are definitely flowing. I wonder what else I could do? Today, one simple top. Tomorrow...Fashion Star! Muhahaha

-Originally posted on April 18, 2013, by Stef-


  1. hot damn my cousin looks like a model in this. love those pants and girl that blouse is awesome!

    1. Thank you, Deb. I really like it. I will be making more of these.

  2. Nice, nice and nice! Show it off!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am showing off more than I have in recent years! I was afraid it was too much! hahaha