Monday, March 25, 2013

Black Batik Dress

I have been sewing a lot in the last week. I have been staying home with nothing much to, do in the way of hikes, lately. What this does do, is give me plenty of time to work on my wardrobe! Today, I decided it was time for a long dress. I'm not really sure where I would wear this, but I love this fabric so much, I'll think of somewhere! I've had it since last summer and it' needs to be used. It's a Black Batik dyed cotton fabric that I found at JoAnn.

I'll make the dress first and more than likely, use this pattern to make a couple tops too, from a lighter, breezier fabric. My pattern is a Misses' pullover tank top and maxi dress with scarf. New Look Studio by SUEDEsays. New Look 6102

After I cut all my pieces out, I start making the small things first. I begin with the pockets. With right sides together, I pin the facing to each pocket. I stitch all the way around. Then, I turn the facing out.

I press the facing flat. This will be the pocket flaps.  To get a nice curve on the bottom of my pocket, I baste a line, just outside my seam allowance line. I pull the threads, like I was gathering, until I achieve the curve I want.

I press them flat. This is the easiest way to do this without getting messy bunches

I pin them in place on my dress front.

And sew them securely, very close to the edge. Then I press my flap down.

There is a slight gathering, below the chest, on either side. I use elastic to make these gathers. I pin them in place...

And stretch the elastic, while sewing it to my fabric. I do the same thing in the back, with one piece of elastic.

I pin the back and front together at the shoulders and sew them.

My dress features a "Racer Back", which I really like.

It's coming together very fast. All I need to do, to finish it is, finish the neck and sleeve facings, sew the sides together and hem it.

Sew, let's get busy. Mama wants a new dress! I sew the sides together.

I tried it on, I hung it on my dress form and marked and pinned the hem. Back to my machine to hem it.

I had made some bias tape from the Black Batik and just didn't like the look of it. I decided on using some white bias tape to finish the neck opening. I really like the contrast.

I finish the arm holes, using the same white tape. I iron it and...

Try it on. I cannot even recall the last time I had a dress on. I wonder why I never wore them...I love it! This dress was actually inspired by my black boots. I love these boots! I always wanted a black dress to wear with them. Now, I have it! This dress was the simplest thing in the world. The whole thing took a little over two hours, from start to finish! Not bad!

Oh my, what next? Somebody stop me...psyche! Do not stop me! =D

Originally posted on March 25, 2013, by Stef.

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  1. You have given me inspiration with the pattern and fabric. I have a deep blue batik fabric. In fact I was looking for fabric, for another project. I found batik fabric that I loved and bought extra. I was looking for a pattern for the extra fabric. Thanks!