Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spinning Wind Catcher!

I'm bored! I normally make something when I'm bored to stop me from being bored.

Hmmm, I have tons of Plastic Canvas! I'll use it to create something to entertain me.

First, I cut 2 sheets into strips 3 holes by 69 holes. I could have used any size, really. It just needs to be narrow and long with odd numbers, for what I have in mind.

It took FOREVER to snip all the little nibs off the edges, but it's all smooth now! Looking for some beads to use too.

I decided on some sparkly teal colored beads and some Glow in the Dark beads. I used a piece of florist wire, a swivel and a big silver bead to create a hanger.

I strung the Glow beads and the plastic strips on the wire, making sure to go through the center. I continued until I was out of cut strips.

I added more beads and a large crystal piece at the bottom.

Using the Sparkly beads and white cord, I sewed the ends together, attaching the right side of one strip to the left side of the next and so on, so it started spiraling around itself. This is 100% easier to do if it's hanging. Laying on a table makes it hard to do.

A closer view to show how the sides were connected.

I continued up one side and down the other. I added more beads as decoration, to the top. And it is finished! All that's left is to hang it in the yard.

When the breeze blows, it'll spin gently. When it's windy, it'll spin wildly!

Now, I have to find something else to do! =D

-Originally posted on June 28, 2012, by Stef

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