Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kitchen Organization

I should work in a grocery store. I'm really anal about my cabinets. I like all items the same, together, stacked neatly and facing front. I go through and 'Face' my shelves on a regular basis.

This is one part of my pantry. I just like organization and knowing where things are, when I go to get them.

I decided that it had been much too long since I had tidied up some of my cabinets. So, I was on a mission to straighten them up. One shelf was a mess of "Water Flavoring" boxes. It was so messy, I'm not sure how I would find one. In order to get one I liked, I had to take all the boxes out and look for one.

I removed them all from the scattered boxes and filled empty jars with them. It's easy to grab a jar, open the lid and reach in to find one you like. Plus, those stupid boxes are gone! Which brings me to my next annoyance! All those mixes! Chili Mix and Taco Seasoning and Dip Mix and Gravy Mix and you name it Mix. It's a mess. I can certainly make something to fix that problem!

I grabbed 2 sheets of Plastic Canvas, scissors, yarn and a needle. I sat on the couch and put "The Voice" on DVR. Half way through the show, I was finished.

Now, that is much better! I can make something for almost any storage problem I may have. I'm on a mission now, to create more organized spaces all over my home.

Doesn't that look much better? I sure think so.

My husband thinks I'm OCD. I hate to tell him, that would be CDO, I like things in Alphabetical order! I really just like things where I can find them and maybe a little neat. Now to look for something else to do!

-Originally Posted on September 19, 2012, by Stef-

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