Monday, July 29, 2013

Let Me Out!

Lately, I have been taming the jungle that WAS my back yard. I want it people and pet friendly, it's getting there. I'm working on the fence that surrounds the yard, making it escape proof. Until I am positive that I can let my dogs out unattended, I have been using an old baby gate to block the steps down to the yard. When I go out and spend time with Charlie and Icey, which is often, I just move the gate. It has taken a toll on the old thing, over the last week. Time to figure out something a bit better.

Here is the old gate. It's barely hanging on by a thread now! Yeah, I know I really need to paint that old deck too! haha We plan on painting the house in the near future and replacing the entire thing with Trex. The last several times we went through this rickety gate, it was getting harder and harder to get back to a closed position.

I headed to Lowes and bought some very minimal supplies. Six 8 foot lengths of 1x2's, two hinges and a sliding lock later and I'm ready to begin.

I'm not trying to be fancy, just functional. A simple design will work fine.

Construction of the wood part takes less than 30 minutes. I build the gate in the garage.

I carry it out to the back, to finish it. Here, I am just adding the hinges. By this time, Rick has gotten home and grabs the camera. I must pose nice and pretty for him!

I hang it.

Add the sliding lock.

And TaDa! It's a gate! It's not beautiful, but it will definitely serve my purpose! Now we have easy access and don't have to completely take a gate down to get out. I'm happy with it.

I spend a lot of time outside with my dawgs! Now, I should build a Dawgie Playground! Muhahaha...

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