Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lake Fenwick

On Monday, July 8, 2013, my first born son, Christopher, celebrated his 35th birthday! Lord, am I really that old? He and his family live in Wisconsin, so I can't actually celebrate with him. In his honor, I joined my friend Teresa, to hike Lake Fenwick, in Kent Washington. I love hiking, so it was sort of a celebration! We met at Russell Road Park and walked all the way there.

Teresa and I started early in the morning, meeting at 7:30am, at Russell Road Park. We left there and started down the Green River Trail. We traveled about a mile until we reached the Lake Fenwick Trailhead. Then the fun began. Another friend, Marla, planned to meet me along the trail. About halfway to the staircase, we met her on the trail. She turned around and continued on with us. We hiked to the lake and as far around it as the trail reached. We retraced our steps and returned the way we came for a total of 6.37 miles, with an elevation gain of 310 feet. It was a super hike and I felt awesome! Until I got home. =( After I returned home, I discovered I had somehow misplaced my jacket. It apparently fell off my backpack as I entered my car. I drove all the way back in hopes of finding it. It was not there. A worker at the park did tell me they had seen it but had not picked it up. I am pretty sad. I had been wearing that jacket since the 1990's. It was my ATA jacket that I received when I got my 1st Degree Black Belt and was a gift from my sensei. It is really worthless to anyone else, but has high sentimental value to me. The guy at the park took my number and said he'd call if it turned up. I think he just wanted my number! haha

We started off on a boardwalk.

Some bunny was having a little too much fun!

And now, a normal looking photograph!

A LONG boardwalk!

Random trail photo. The trail was dirt and narrow, dirt and wide, man made steps or boardwalk, with slight elevation increases in spots, larger gains in others. Nothing was too steep to climb comfortably.

Random trail photo.

Random trail photo.


The girls, checking GPS on Marla's phone.

What y'all looking at? Let me see too!

These girls are something else!

Finally, we reach the bottom of the metal staircase in the middle of
nowhere! 177 stairs with a gain of about 18 stories! Pretty nice workout!


We three at the bottom, before we began our ascent.

Marla, Teresa and Stef. Also with us were Marla's dogs, Mack and Scooter. Icey stayed at home today, as it was my first time hiking here. I wanted to know what the terrain was like before I brought him, in case it was too tough for my little guy. He will come next time.


These are the stairs that never end...

They just go on and on, my friend...

Reaching the top, Teresa does her best Rocky victory dance!

Looking back from where we came. It's a long way down, but will be so much easier on the return trip!

Random trail photo.

Random trail photo.

Our first glimpse of the water through the trees.


Actually looking more like a lake now!

Man made steps to make our hiking a bit more steady.

Lake Fenwick, framed by the vegetation that surrounds it.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

Random trail photo.

Random trail photo.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

A boardwalk leading right to the water.

Little did I know that it completely crosses the lake. Very neat.

Random lake photo.

Lily pads everywhere!

Three ducking siblings were swimming merrily among the lily pads.

They were so cute, paddling and splashing around.

Teresa, up ahead a bit.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

Random Lake Fenwick photo.

Random wildflowers photo.

Random wildflowers photo.

Natural steps.

A closer look.

Random wildflowers photo. So pretty, my favorite!

Random wildflowers photo.

Thumbs up. We are at the end.

We say our goodbyes and give hugs all around. Teresa and I continue on our way as Marla heads back in the opposite direction.

Tired dawgs!


A dark and lovely tree.

 Eagles at their nest.

It's rare for us to spot them here.

We see them flying about and we see the nest a lot. They are normally busy when we come by. We were much earlier today and caught them at home.

These may actually be the juveniles who were hatched here, this year.

So cool to see them, a real treat!

Such pretty birds.

It was a great hike. Couldn't ask for better weather at 7:30 in the morning. Cool and a bit breezy to start. A bit warmer and really nice by the time we finished. Had it not warmed up, I would have still been wearing my jacket. =( 

I had put 8 hours in weedeating my back jungle...errr yard, over the weekend. I decided to continue when I got home. I was disappointed at the loss of my jacket and figured to take out frustrations on the grass. I made it about an hour, when the weedeater started smoking and stopped running. I burned the motor out! This day just keeps getting better! So, I grabbed the lawn mower and mowed! I got the sitting area ready and cleaned my table and chairs. Then, with Sammye's help, I moved them all down, along with the umbrella, and set them up. Looking good! Now, I need another weedeater to finish the last of it, I need to completely weed the huge bed along the house and plant it. I picked up 4 beautiful shrubs and a French Lilac tree yesterday. They will go great there.

~Originally posted on July 8, 2013, by Stef~

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