Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Lace

I love my Pink blouse with Lace back yoke so much, that I have to have one in Black too! I'll be making View D again, just because I love it SOOOOO much! haha I'll modify it a bit, I like it shorter. So, I'll shorten it by about 6 inches, like I did the Pink version. I have my Black Chiffon and Lace ready. I also think I'll add the actual collar from View C, instead of just the collar band that the pattern calls for, on View D. I think I might make the collar out of lace too, I haven't decided yet. I might make it from lace and chiffon, just keeping the lace showing. I found some Beautiful Buttons that I am seriously in love with. They are clear, with smoky black and hints of pink , blue, green and blue. The colors are very subtle though. I'll most likely wear this with some dark Pink shorts. But, I could really wear it with anything I want!

My fabric is cut out and ready!

The first thing I'm going to do, is create my collar. I decided to make it from the Lace. I think that will look great! We will see.

I sew it and get it ready for the collar band, which I have yet to make.

Just checking out how it might look later. I like it! Looks pretty lonely there, by itself. It won't be for long.

I create the collar band and attach the collar to it. At this point, I am just draping and pinning my fabric pieces to my dress form. I like to get an idea how it'll look before I start the actual construction. Besides that, having everything here in place, keeps it neat and out of the way until I need it and I know right where it is without looking through a pile.

Beginning to make gathers.

This is the back, the yoke is Black Lace. The hardest part of this blouse, is getting the gathered lower sections attached to the yokes and having it look even and neat. It's actually just more time consuming, than anything.

Sewing the gathered back piece to the lace yoke.

I do the same with the front pieces. I use the Black Chiffon for the yokes on both sides. Once that is done, I begin creating the button panels.

The front and back are ready to be joined together at the shoulders and sides. I'll do the shoulders first. I'll sew the collar in place, once that is done. The collar is just sitting there, unattached, in this photo.

lI join the front pieces to the back, at the shoulders, now I have a neck opening to work with. I make French Seams here. I really hate messy seams, especially if they are on something that it might show through.

With right sides together, I pin my collar band to the outside of my neck opening. I stitch it in place.

I turn to the inside and pin the inner portion of the collar band here. I hand sew this in place.

It's a collar!

Again using French Seams, I sew the sides together, encasing the end of my tie, on each side.

I decide I want some short, Lace sleeves. I don't have a sleeve pattern handy. So, I just cut out some of the already scalloped edges, from my leftover lace. I'll figure it out.

Nothing fancy, just a little sleeve to cover my arms.

It's nearly a completed blouse. All it lacks now are buttons, buttonholes and a bottom hem.

I chose my buttons a long time ago, I fell in love with these when I saw them in the store. I lay them out on my front panel and decide where I want them. I measure and mark for 8 buttons, 2 inches apart. The photo only shows 7, because one is already in my buttonhole foot, for sizing.

Once I have finished sewing the buttonholes, I open them all with a razor knife. I actually do this on a rubber cutting board.

I mark and sew my buttons on and erase the marks. I add a narrow hem to the bottom and...

It's a completed blouse.

Front and back views, showing the lace detail in the back. It's a bit hard to see from the photo and because it is Black, but it is tied in a nice bow at the back, which causes it to be even more ruffled.

I think I love it. And black will go with just about anything! I believe I need a Black bra or camisole. Shall I buy one or make one? I'll think about it.
Hmmm what next? Something Pink, I suspect! Muhahaha

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