Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who Knew?!

Who knew a trip to JoAnn Fabrics could be so fun and entertaining? I knew! We're shopping, looking at things I want and Rick wanders off to look for something. When the Rick is away, the Steffie and Sammye will play! We start snapping pictures, just as Rick rounds the corner to catch us in the act!

Hey pardner! I have fingers and I know how to use them! Rick better not give me any trouble or he's done for!

He thinks that nobody can see him if he hides his face! Shhhh don't tell...

Wait a minute! Are they trying to keep their identities a secret because they are with me?! All I can think of right now is "I'm Batman!" The guy in the background kept ending up on the same aisle I was on. Almost every time we took a picture, he had an odd look on his face. He cracked me up!

Hey, I need my pink cowgirl hat back! It would go great with this lovely feather boa!

I'm the Queen of JoAnn's! I need a bigger crown and a scepter! I think I saw some a few aisles back! After we took this picture, a nice lady that was standing next to me started playing with the masks with me! It was a hoot! We were both giggling!

Part of my haul. I got supplies to make Grandma a Blue Dreamcatcher and some other things to create a 'Sunburst Mirror', make with paint stirring sticks. The lady in the paint department at Home Depot gave me a few dozen of them. She was so nice! She gave me her email address so I could send her pictures of what I was using them for. We talked about MFP and she wants to come check it out. I am a walking Poster Child for Fitbit, MFP and SMILES!

This is part of the items I'll be adding into Grandma's Dreamcatcher.

She loves Blue and we know she loves Cats. I searched all over for a cat to add into it. We found very few but I finally settled on this one. I also have feathers to add.

Finally home and man my dogs are tired! But my pedicure still looks good! haha

Next, we make a commotion in Wal-Mart! They have TOYS!! Stay tuned!

-Originally posted on June 28, 2012, by Stef-

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