Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun With Family

My husband, Rick, turned 46 on Saturday, September 15, 2012. His brother, Brad, was in town with his wife Ileana, getting their daughter, Chels, settled in for her 2nd year studying Biology and Pre-Med at Seattle University. I hope she studies Geriatrics, we are all getting older! Just kidding. They are a wonderful family and took us out for an early dinner on Sunday, to celebrate Rick's Birthday. I had not seen them or been out in a very long time. It was good to be part of the group again. I sure missed it.

We ate at Outback, it's the only place I have eaten so far, as I know what to order there and feel comfortable with my macros. I'm working on finding others for some variety. Soon. After we finished eating and visiting, we all headed to our house to pick up a shelving unit they had forgotten here last year. I reminded them that we still had it. Now Chels has room for it in her new place. We figured out the timer on my new camera and snapped a few family shots.

Rick's brother Brad, with Ileana and Chelsea.

Again, such a nice picture. I really love this one.

Yes we are goofy.

Brotherly love!

I love this one of Rick and Brad.

The girls acting silly.

We can act normal when we feel like it! Brad and Rick in the back, Ileana, Stef, Chels and Sam in the front.

And then again, no.

We sure hope it's not as long before we see them again. We hope to see his other brother (Brad's twin) Brent and his family too, in the not so distant future. We may just need to move to Las Vegas!

-September 17, 2012

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