Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plastic Canvas by Steffie

I love creating things that have a use, besides being pretty to me. I make a lot of things with Plastic Canvas. From Boxes with Lids, Tissue Covers and Calendars to other helpful items. These are a few of my creations.

This is a Perpetual Calendar that I made a few years ago. There is a pocket on the back side that holds all the extra Months, Numbers etc. It comes in handy to never have to buy a calendar. I just have to remember to take it down and change it once a month.


I hate tissue boxes, just sitting around, looking like...well...tissue boxes. So I cover them all. I have one on each night stand, in the living room etc. I like them and I can make them in any pattern or color I like.

Close up of the same one -

One on a larger box.
Green Cover

I measure everything I eat. A digital scale makes it fast, accurate and easy. But, I hate the scale sitting on my kitchen counter, especially when I do not need it very often. I do, however, need it often enough that I want it within reach. So, I made a scale holder and mounted it on the side of a cabinet, next to my kitchen sink and window. It is out of my way, but close at hand when I want it.

Another thing I do very often is walk on my treadmill/ski machine in front of the big screen. I was constantly having to just put the remote in the waistband of my pants, hold it in my hand or drag something over to set it on. I fixed that problem!

Then, I thought to myself, I still need to drag something over to set my water bottle on. Fixed that too!

Now, I'm set to walk with no interruptions!

I also make various small to large boxes with lids for various things. This one holds some of my smaller sewing supplies and craft pieces.
Craft Box
And a shot with the lid off.

Seem a little OCD to anyone but me? Who cares? It serves my purpose and I like things in a certain place. It makes me happy.

-Originally posted on June 16, 2012, by Stef

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