Friday, March 22, 2013

Thank You Rick & Sammye

I'll be the first to admit, I may not be the easiest person to live with. I'm set in my ways. I like things done a certain way or not at all. I am very picky and opinionated. I have really bad days , but more really good days. I am very smart and sometimes just wish I knew nothing. I'll laugh all day and be sad all night. I have many talents and just as many faults! The one person, besides my son, that has stood beside me through everything, is my husband Rick! I know this hasn't been easy on him and I'm sure I have caused him a ton of stress. He would say that I'm worth it! That is just how he is. He is a great guy and I am lucky to have him support me, through anything. He is genuinely excited to see me coming through this and celebrate my progress. This is not to say that he doesn't piss me totally off at times, he does! This is not to say that I don't think he is a tad strange at times, he is! lol But, he is my husband and I love him. Thank you, Rick!

Sammye loves him too, he is a great dad to a kid that needed one. He has been dad to Sammye since he was 12.

-Originally posted on June 14, 2012, by Stef-

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