Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sammye Turns 20

Today, 06/19/12, was my wonderful son's 20th Birthday. I remember the day he was born, like it was yesterday. I have loved him more each day, since then. He might think he is a little old for a party, so we just had a very small get together with him, me, his dad (Rick) and his best friend, Leon. We had dinner first, all Sammye's favorites, of course. Then we had his little celebration.

His cake. He loves green. It was white cake and made entirely with no dairy. Leon is deathly allergic to chocolate and dairy. We always make sure we have things he can eat without worrying.

Thar he blows! Haha

He had been asking for me to make him a blanket with some monkey print fleece we saw on one of my fabric shopping trips. What better place to hide it than a new laptop bag?

I'm thinking he might like it...

Just a tad! Haha Yes, he loves it! My kid is easily pleased, like his mom.

The best gift, of course, was a card stuffed with $$! It's that always the case?

He really liked the nightlight his mom made for him. I also gave him a remote control plug and switch so he just has to push a button to turn it off and on, even from his bed. Pretty cool!

It was a pretty good day. Next year, he'll be 21! Oh Lord!

-Originally posted on June 19, 2012, by Stef

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